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Use your email program and/or your web connection to Send and Receive all your faxes. Our service does not require a fax machine; no more wasting of toner, paper and time. Store and Organize your faxes electronically; start using online faxing and protect the environment.

High-End Features

Send/Receive Faxes by Email and on the Web; Never Busy Service; Unlimited Storage; Multiple Recipients; Auto-Resend; Cover Page; Confirmations.

Little - 100$6.99

Basic - 250$10.99

On the GO$4.69


Privacy & Security

Privacy is guaranteed through password protection and online SSL encryption. We do not share any of your information with any third parties.

Enhanced encryption

Available via PGP keys. All you need to do is upload your public PGP Key and enable PGP Encryption. Once enabled all Emails you receive from ProComm365 Technologies will be encrypted. You can also send us PGP encrypted Emails when sending a fax by Email by using our PGP public key. Contact us for further details.

Keep your number

ProComm365 Technologies support Local and Toll-free number portability.

Fax File Format

Sending faxes supports file types, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Snapshot, PDF, Text files and HTML to name a few. Check our list of supported files. Receive faxes in PDF or TIFF formats.

Excellent Junk Fax Filter

Junk Fax Controls help you in eliminating unsolicited faxes. All junk faxes are stored in your Junk Faxes Box for a period of 7 days.

International Fax Rates

If your company operates on an international level, you no longer need to fear the high international fax rates that a land line service would apply. With us, you can communicate with every part of the world in a timely, affordable manner. Check our International Rates.

ATA Adapters

Available for those who prefer keeping paper copies on traditional fax systems, such as fax machines and all-in-one printers; ATA adapters will connect those devices to your Local Area Network. Additional charge will apply to purchase the ATA adapter.